If you are one of those people who have to wait for long hours before your phone charges or you are used to seeing red in your battery indicator, then it is about to be a thing of the past – thanks to MediaTek’s Pump Express technology.

The Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek has developed a brand spanking new cutting-edge SOC(system-on-chip) that introduces the fastest charging technology to date. With the introduction of Pump Express 3.0 the company claims that it will allow smartphone users, like you to charge your phone from 0 to 70 per cent in just 20 minutes of time. This technology is 2x faster than quick-charging and about 5x faster than the conventional charging process.

Jeffrey Ju, the Executive Vice President and co-Chief Operating Officer of MediaTek Technologies talking about the changing smartphone scenario says that,

The engineering challenge in the smartphone world today is satisfying consumer demand for powerful, rich multimedia features without needing to plug in their phones all day long. 

Our technology lets consumers power up quickly to stay connected, on the go and using their favorite applications whether for work or play instead of tethered to an outlet.

MediaTek’s Pump Express Technology will be introduced in the market first through the Helio series P20 processors by the end of 2016. The future chipsets will also make use of this revolutionary charging technology, which allows direct charging using the USB Type-C port.

How does MediaTek’s Pump Express 3.0 work?

In other manufacturer’s chips, the charging speed and output current are restricted because of the heat produced in the process. MediaTek’s Pump Express 3.0 technology, however has trumped the heat factor(i.e overheating of device) because it has by-passed the charging IC to allow the direct flow of electric current from the adapter into the battery. This allows the Taiwanese chipset manufacturer to now use current >5 amperes to provide you with the fastest charging times.

The Pump Engine 3.0 is the safest charging solution that makes use of bi-directional communication, to dynamically adjust the voltage and adjust the recharging times while minimizing the heat output of the device. The company has also taken extensive security measures to ensure the safest charging experience for you. This latest technology brings with a set of 20-plus safety and device protection systems built-in, including preventing device or charger overheating issues.

MediaTek is slowly becoming the face of chipsets helping budget smartphones rise and survive in a developing market. Pump Express 3.0 is an example of MediaTek’s attempt at bringing better experiences to device makers and consumers, so that they don’t have to trouble themselves with complicated procedures and technologies.

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