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YouTube Is Fixing The Content ID To Help Content Creators Earn More

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YouTube, today has announced that it is introducing certain changes to their, Content ID system(the unique code that is assigned to each video uploaded to YouTube) to be more generous to the content creators in times of copyright claims and disputes.

The Content ID of the video is an important aspect of YouTube, which was launched to help the content creators keep track of their original videos and to protect them from being replicated. YouTube had introduced the content ID’s to solve the same problem, before launching the Partner Program nine years ago, but today, after almost an eternity, YouTube is working on improving these ID’s.

The principle issue faced by many content creators was that their revenue from a certain video was frozen due to the Content ID dispute process, and the video couldn’t be monetized anymore. You can find no video on YouTube that is claimed and under dispute, but still monetized. This has become a frustrating nightmare for many huge content creators, who have to face a loss of monetization, even after winning the dispute claim.

That’s about to change though. YouTube is finally working on a fix for the Content ID system, wherein if the content creator has uploaded a video, but it receives a Content ID claim, then the video would no longer be flagged and both the video can still be monetized, simultaneously. The disputed content will be allowed to earn the money(which is good for content creators like us), but YouTube will hold the revenue earned from these video in a separate account, until the dispute is resolved.

The silver-lining to this whole fix is that, once the issue is all sorted out, the revenue would be transferred from the reserve account to the partners account, who has won the Content ID dispute.


In addition to this, YouTube is also working towards elevating problems pertaining to fair use, which allows the users to use any foreign content in their videos for educational, commentary, news, and criticism purposes. The team at YouTube is keeping a close watch at all the copyright claims, and trying to solve them ASAP. The fair use protection program was also launched last year, to curb the ghastly problem and better serve the content creators.

In the official blogpost, David Rosenstein(Content ID Group Product Manager) said that,

We strongly believe in fair use and believe that this improvement to Content ID will make a real difference. We will continue to invest in both people and technology to make sure that Content ID keeps working for creators and rights holders.

YouTube is currently working hard to successfully deploy this feature to the content creators, in the coming months. This will surely help the partners believe in the platform they love, even more and earn even more revenue, without any recurring disputes.

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