Google announced on Thursday via a blog post that it is introducing a new way to personalize your Nexus 5X, 6 and 6P. The company is bringing a whole new innovative feature called My Live Case which will help users to create their personalized cases for the aforementioned phones.

These cases could have a design of whatever you please. From your favourite picture to your favourite spot on a map, Google will get it done for you. In fact, the cases are more than just plain designs on the back of your smartphone. They have a specialized button on the back that works according to their design. The button, apparently works using NFC technology and can also be programmed to open a specific app if you want.

Once you snap the case on the back of your device, the wallpaper of your smartphone will change.

In case you’ve opted for a favourite picture, you will get a live wallpaper to bring your design to life on your home screen. You can select the pictures you want in the slideshow via Google Photos. The button on the back of the case, by default, will allow you to add more pictures to your wallpaper.

If you’ve chosen to showcase your favourite spot on Google Maps on the back of your phone, your wallpaper will turn into a map showing your whereabouts as you go about your day. Tapping the case button will show you what’s nearby on Google Maps.

Our design studio on the Google Store allows you to personalize your phone case with either your favorite photo or a special place on Google Maps. Then, with dozens of filters, you can make your design fit your style – be it vibrant and bright or polished and chic. Along with your signature case, you get a live wallpaper to bring your design to life on your home screen,

the blog post reads.

To make your own case, just log on to the Google Store and follow the instructions. The cases come in at $35, which is quite a bit less as most other brands don’t support the Nexus line and they don’t offer an extra shortcut button to add to your phone.

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