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Transcell Biologics, a biotech startup based in Hyderabad, has announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Indian Angel Network (IAN) in its seed funding round.

This funding round was led by Sanjay Jesrani and Nagendra Bandaru on behalf of IAN. As a part of the funding deal, they will also join the board of the company. The amount raised in this round, will be used by the company  for productization of the stem cell based platforms in both the therapeutic and non-therapeutic areas.

Founded in 2009 by Subhadra Dravida, Transcell Biologics is a biotech enterprise that aims to develop innovative and transformative stem cell-based approaches in advancing evidence based practice in disease management.

The Company has started creating the wealth of unique repository of India specific patient derived tissues/samples for the purpose of research and development towards advancements in modern adult stem cell technology based drug discovery in Oncology & Brain diseases.

It has also initiated the pre-clinical milestones in Regenerative Medicine addressing Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscular Dystrophies (Orphan disease), Stroke & Periodontal diseases.

It gets insights from it’s innovative capabilities in donor and patient derived stem cell repository creation, integrating the regenerative medicine and drug discovery applications of the cell based platforms.

Using those insights, the company has created a cohesive research and development inspired ecosystem that creates stem cell repository, develops cell based platforms for both therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications, facilitates advanced regenerative medicine tools to treat debilitating diseases of the mankind and delivers novel, patient-based, screening methods to discover druggable molecules.

Subhadra Dravida, founder and CEO of the company, said,

Transcell Biologics provides end-to-end solution offerings in Stem cell Bio banking & ensures quality processing & presentations for the intended applications. We are built on the rock bed of home grown technologies with intellectual property as our business asset. We value the support and guidance from IAN, positioning ourselves and continue to strive to give back to the communities by translating advanced scientific technologies reaching clinics.

Commenting on the investment, Sanjay Jesrani said,

Last few years we have seen Stem cell banks becoming quite popular in India. With the advancement in technology, newer players are entering the market with an aim to preserve precious lives of the coming generation. Transcell Biologics is one such company who wants to help the needy with the support of their home grown technologies.

According to the research from Axis Research, it pegs the growth of this global market to $67 billion in 2017 by expanding the definition and scope of the stem cell applications in Regenerative Medicine and drug discovery.

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