At its ongoing Build 2016 conference in San Fran (which we are comprehensively covering right here), Microsoft has announced an all new anniversary update to Windows 10. The update — which comes at Windows 10 launch anniversary — will be coming out this summer.

The update, announced today, will roll out to Insiders first. The update brings in a significant change to Windows Hello.

As of now, you can use Windows Hello to log into your PC only. Or as Microsoft terms it, it is “a more personal way” to sign in to your Windows 10 devices with just a look or a touch. You get enterprise-grade security without having to type in a password. With the anniversary update though, things are going to change.

Microsoft will now allow users to not just log into their PCs, but also within Windows 10 apps. And not just this, Windows Hello can also be used within the Edge browser. How this feature would actually be utilised, can only be seen once the update rolls out to us insiders.

Apart from this, Microsoft has also announced notable improvements to Pen. Windows 10 (and versions prior to that as well) have traditionally supported Pen. The usage however, was fairly limited with users getting options to log in via the same and a few apps designed to be used with Pen. The range however, is expanding today.

Windows Ink, as Microsoft calls its pen support in Windows, will now be able to work above the log screen, for example. There’s another interesting application for the same in Windows 10 anniversary update — sticky notes. Apps that will support this feature will allow you to navigate to a different web page while you have noted down something. And when you come back, the note will still “stick” there.

A Samsung Galaxy Note like featured named ‘Sketchbook’ is also coming up, letting users doodle and fiddle around with their pens in free time. Microsoft also today said that it worked with Adobe to improve that companies tools to support all of these new features.


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