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Apple’s ‘let us loop you in’ event is burning rubber right now. The tech giant gave us a lot of good news at Cupertino today and a few of these were related to the Apple Watch and the Apple TV.

Apple announced at its event on Monday that it is now introducing a new collection of bands for its Watch. The new designs include a Space Black Milanese loop, new sports band awand a woven nylon NATO style band. All of these take the Apple Watch’s style to a whole new level.

That’s just half of the good news. Tim Cook also announced that the Apple Watch’s price will now be dropped to $299.

After the news about the wearable from Apple, Cook went on to talk about the Apple TV. He started off initially by saying that there are 5,000 apps on the App Store now and went on to promote the NCAA Live app, which allows you to watch two games simultaneously. He then briefed the audience about Siri on Apple TV and rushed forward to iterate a few new features that the Apple TV would be getting today.

These include folders, Siri for App Store, iCloud Photo Library, Live Photos and Dictation which will allow you to enter text like user names and passwords.

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