TinyStep, a mobile first social network for moms, has announced that it has raised a new round of funding from Matt Glickman, founder of BabyCenter, which is claimed to be the biggest and most popular parenting portal.

While the company has not revealed the amount of money invested by Matt in the company, it has said that he will join the company’s board as an adviser.

The company is planning to use the newly infused capital to further improve its product and strengthening its team by hiring new and talented people.

Founded in September 2015, the company has been accelerating in terms of growth. It’s user base has tripled over the last one month. Moms on the platform are spending hours connecting and bonding over everyday decisions and are sharing their moments to help each other as a community, said the company in a statement.

Tinystep’s founder – Suhail describes the platform as a vertical social network that connects people around children. It provides a vibrant platform for parents to come together, collaborate and help each other raise their children in the most effective manner.

Commenting on the funding, Matt Glickman said,

I obviously resonate with the domain and in a mobile first country where users love to chat, I think Tinystep is doing a great job. They are showing some great early traction, are getting great customer feedback and are moving in the right direction to solve a big problem.

Suhail Abidi, founder of Tinystep added,

Having Matt as an advisor is without a doubt, amazing. His domain expertise and entrepreneurial experience in the valley will be of great help in taking the right steps forward.

Earlier, in January 2016, the company had raised a seed funding round from Flipkart. It used that money to develop the product, enhance user experience and engagement, accelerate company’s growth.

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