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[LIVE]SURGE 2016 : Centre Stage Liveblog

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We are all wired in from SURGE 2016, Bangalore and this is the Centre Stage liveblog. Stay tuned here for all the major announcements coming from the Centre Stage track. For other liveblogs, navigate here.

Editor-at-large and co-founder at The Tech Portal. He is a tech enthusiast with interests in new-age technology fields like Ai, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Outer Space and related stuff. Drop him a mail anytime, very reachable.

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:50 pm

And that concludes the Surge 2016 event folks. We hope you enjoyed our coverage!

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:46 pm

A lot of incredible entrepreneurs have come up here and we are definitely coming back, here in Banglore.

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:45 pm

One of the organisers has come up on the stage, talking about how surge came into being.

It begun as a small event in Orlando where we invited a few people, and it has grown a lot in a few years.
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:43 pm

On Surge: Surge is a good start and will definitely get better.

(Applause for organizers)
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:42 pm

Team: is your family.

Happiness: (had to think hard for this one) thinking about the problem you have to solve and how far you have gone in the direction.
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:40 pm

On funding : One of the means to an end.

Media: Ignore (That got a loud laugh)
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:40 pm

First word that comes to Sachins mind.

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:39 pm

We are now gonna have a rapid fire.

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:39 pm

All you can do is learn from your mistakes and hold the bigger picture in your mind and let it anchor you in place.

Well said!
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:38 pm

On Does it get lonely at the top:

Yes, it does and you have to constantly pull yourself to look at the big picture instead of the small details.
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:35 pm

We never though we would grow this fast this big, we had imagined maybe 100 millions in 5-10 years, but the business turned out to be a gold mine that only got deeper: Sachin

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:33 pm

How involved you are now as founders?

Sachin: Our job now is to define broad frameworks of decision making and give direction. Ekart for example, was basically built by an intern.
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:30 pm

When we started out, we didn’t knew 99 percent of this business. So what we did was give people a lot of autonomy. And it has worked out well most of the times: Sachin Bansal

Pawas Jain February 24, 20164:30 pm

The WINNER of surgeconf Pitch Contest is Arcatron Mobility!

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:29 pm

Flipkart has got extraordinary leaders, how Have you managed that?

Question to Sachin.
Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:27 pm

Press, people and even stock markets can sink from very positive to very negative, very quickly.

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:26 pm

If you are the founder of a company, everything business is personal and everything personal is business. There are really no lines: Sachin Bansal

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:25 pm

We now have Sachin Bansal from flipkart up on the stage.

Mudit Mohilay February 24, 20164:24 pm

So arcatron mobility has won the crown!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:23 pm

With these 3 awesome ideas, the Finale Pitching Session comes to a close! Stay Tuned for the results at 16:05!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:23 pm

Self propelled shower, commode, a comfortable seat, which adjusts according to the bed height – Arcatron Mobility is entirely disrupting the wheelchair manufacturing market!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:17 pm

Working on this June 2015, the wheelchairs developed by Arcatron Mobility, makes it much easier for users to move around

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:17 pm

Arcatron Mobility is the next startup which helps in making the life of disadvantaged and elderly, much easier!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:16 pm

The ease of raising loans makes it unique and differentiates SME Corner from its other competitors.

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:14 pm

Average size of a loan? The jury asks SME Corner, and the response is 20 lakhs!

Yes, that is pretty good. If this portal penetrates into the Indian Tier II and Tier III cities, it can revolutionize the loan borrowing process for these MSMEs, which almost run the Indian economy.
Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:12 pm

Allows sending a single loan request to multiple banks, regulates the terms and conditions and so far, this startup has clocked 32 crores of business. More than 10,000 loan applications evaluated by SME Corner in few months!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:11 pm

Raising funds becomes a secure and fast 4 step process for MSMEs, with this portal!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:10 pm

The portal is focussed on providing money and sort the financial needs of MSMEs, in an easy way.

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:09 pm

Next up on stage is – SME Corner, aimed at India’s large and growing MSME market, as there are over 44 million SME enterprises.

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:07 pm

A very R&D focused company, Locus.Sh now answers question posed by Sachin Bansal, the industry stalwart!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:06 pm

IIT KGP and BITS Pilani alumni start-up, Locus.Sh is an awesome disruption in still untapped market of logistical-tech! This is highly AI powered and completely tech-driven, with NO manual intervention at all!

And with that, its the Q&A time!
Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:05 pm

They charge per order and no upfront fees and license fees! Backed by institutional investors, Locus.Sh has put their idea together in a crisp and exciting way! Way to go!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:02 pm

Locus.Sh aims at removing the human intervention in the entire logistics and delivery system, by providing a full stack solution to get things delivered! It gives lives tracking, intelligent alerts and an awesome dashboard!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:02 pm

The first startup comes in –!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:00 pm

Out of 250 applications, it has come down to the Final 3 who will be pitching now and trying to impress he jury in 4 minutes!

Pawas Jain February 24, 20163:00 pm

We are now wired in at Centre Stage for the most exciting part of suregconf – The Final Pitch!

Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:57 pm

A Brand is what your costumer thinks of you and what you want them to believe. So don’t over do it and never “Over Price.”

With this we come to and end of this discussion at the Centre Stage.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:56 pm

Moving forward, its still about being ‘OLD SCHOOL.’

Forget Mobile, the internet its always better to have a one-on-one conversation to keep the faith alive.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:54 pm

As a brand looks forward to scaling up a bit, its advisable to focus on the content of your brand a bit and engagement with the costumer.

Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:54 pm

There is a little difference in opinion among the panel here considering how the startups should look at advertising and marketing.

Its not just about the survival of the fittest now, its about survival of the Disrupter.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:51 pm

The brands that are really popular are the ones those who have insight into what they are, those that stick to their core value. The brands who really live to their value.
One popular brand specifically mentioned in this discussion is DOVE.

Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:48 pm

Donald Trump is his Brand. Thats legit.

Anyone looking for some Branding advice, look at how Mr Trump became a brand.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:47 pm

Ethos, Work Culture, the idea comes first and then the branding.

PR, Branding, Marketing are parallel to the above.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:46 pm

A brand is what you do.

Thats it!
If you as a startup want to build a brand, the only brand you can build is what you do. Its not when you build a brand and do those things, its exactly opposite. A brand is built on what YOU do. If you’re trustworthy so will your brand be.
Bang on!
Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:44 pm

Look at very unconventional ways to market your brand. If you don’t have the money, don’t go begging for it.

Get innovative, look beyond!
Hopefully all the Startups are listening.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 20162:43 pm

Currently a talk on “Startup Foundations: Building a Brand”

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201612:09 pm

Must bring this to your notice. A lot of sessions have been skipped without informing the audience. Poor time management. sessions are extending far beyond their allotted time.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201612:07 pm

If we have been able to raise money for creative project, we can raise for scientific projects as well.

Kunal, ketto
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201612:06 pm

We have just scratched the surface for crowdfunding.

Kunal Kapur, Ketto
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201612:06 pm

So a guy raised money for buying a pizza ! rose 10 times of what he wanted

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201612:05 pm

Kunal Kapoor from ketto talks about how both acting and entrepreneurship are creative.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:56 am

Arvind’s advice to non-Indian investors : Invest in India and Indian people and not replicate a model from elsewhere. We want to lead the world and not follow them.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:55 am

Dave’s idea to Arvind for making founders’ life easier : using access to open information and data. Use the internet to provide access to information.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:53 am

India added 200 Million bank accounts last year — more than the entire woking population in the US.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:43 am

India does not want to be a digital colony.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:42 am

Lot of challenges for the M&A markets. Hence a lot of angel investors have to wait to get their money back. Wait for either late stage investors or a buyout.

Some public or regulatory policy could ease that.
Dave, 500 Startups
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:41 am

Dave thinks, the trend of non-Indian investors coming to India will continue

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:41 am

Dave gives a rather funny take on the recent Marc Andresson comment

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:40 am

India is a very complex market. We have digitally learned people, as well as language complexities.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:39 am

Valley built companies for the first 1 Billion, India will build technologies for the next 5 Billion.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:39 am

Arvind says that India does not necessarily needs to replicate the valley. though a few learnings can be taken of.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:38 am

Next panel :

Arvind, BJP’s social media manager (he’s perhaps the most wanted man in this circle)
Dave mcleoy, 500 Startups
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:34 am

Consumers are more likely to convert into users if you direct them to the right platform via your app.

Mada Seghete

Founder, Branch Metrics

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:31 am

We are targeting data for monetisation and make the best connection between advertisers and consumers.

Alex Yao, Cheetah Mobile
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:29 am

Amar goel makes a valid point :

Monetisation is difficult from apps as compared to web.
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:27 am
Alex Yao, Senior Vice-President, Cheetah Mobile talks about how HTML5 is improving and hence mobile web continues to take a bit of a lead over apps.
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:19 am

And here’s an interesting panel up here, to talk about mobile boom : app monetisation and other stats.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:18 am

Lots of questions for Kochar to answer here. We’ll catch up with him for an interview.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:17 am

And again, Kochar puts a contrarian view.

He says, discounts should be done rather “intelligently”.
Does foodpanda follow that ?
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:16 am

Abhiraj from UrbanClap puts an interesting point here.

It is important to build a value proposition rather than just offering discounts.
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:16 am

Saurabh Kochar puts up a rather weird comment here “Don’t deliver it to people for who it is convenient”.

Just to make sure, I get delivered to save time. I’m fully convenient of taking th things on my own, but that would waste my time. Isn’t it ?
Shreya Gupta February 24, 201611:10 am

India is a very ‘getthingsdoneeconomy’ whereas the US is a ‘doyourownthingeconomy.’

Its going to take some time for us to get there because of the really high expectations we have from the service sector but were surely getting there.
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:10 am

The first phase of services is making customers comfortable, which is a journey that will take at least three-four years.

Abhiraj Bahl, UrbanClap
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:08 am

Considering how things have been for Foodpanda (and my personal experience), Foodpanda might really not be one of those “two-three” leaders.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:07 am

Macro parameters in India are moving in the right direction, meaning that the inherit demand in the market will move up. This will hence come down to twi-three players who will take the lead.

Saurabh Kochar, FoodPanda
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:05 am

UrbanClap’s Abiraj Bahl talks about how customer expectations have risen up in the past few years, specially the hyperlocal segment.

Shreya Gupta February 24, 201611:05 am

The time window we have as startups that actually deliver such high quality service is very narrow and thats why its important to cash on this narrow window to get noticed.

Shreya Gupta February 24, 201611:03 am

Greg is clearly a leader in the startup industry. So what has kept Greg from keeping his pace fast.

To this he says they work in a very systematic way and are very mindful to what was happening in the cost side. This has helped in an integrated growth.
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:02 am

We had to very very mindful of spending, considering this is a capital intensive business.

Greg Moran, Zoomcar

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:02 am

We’ve always been very very lean in the cost structure.

Greg Moran, Zoomcar
Shreya Gupta February 24, 201611:01 am

Treat the relationship between an entrepreneur and his enterprise like the first 500 mts of a marathon, you need to take it slow to not get huddled. If that happens you and your enterprise will be a long term sustainable couple.

This coming from Saurabh Kochhar is surely something to pay heed to.
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:01 am

In the first few years, we focussed on developing products and bring in sustainability.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:00 am

Saurabh talks about “excessive funding”.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 24, 201611:00 am

It includes Greg Moran from Zoomcar, Saurabh Kocchar (Foodpanda CEO) and Urbanclap CEO

Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:58 am

Something to look forward to.

A panel consisting of very young CEOs from all over the world.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:48 am

A normal person uses approximately 5 to 8% of his daily wage on data consumption.

No wonder the operator business is on a boom!
Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:47 am

The mobile developers in Kenya realised its better to squeeze money from the health ministry than the poor nurses and thats how we had the mobile industry on board to get JANA to succeed without being harsh on the nurses.

Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:42 am

Balancing the harsh reality between global data and networking here we have Nathan Eagle from JANA. Making the Internet Free.

Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:38 am

How to connect with the guys sitting in the IVORY TOWERS?

Mails? Letters? Telephone?
Mr Bawri replies by saying that we try to communicate with the public via our systematic schemes and feedbacks.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:36 am

Technical Innovation and Process Innovation.

The two kinds of Innovation to implement.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:34 am

Does India have the culture to accept failures?

In silicon valley for example, people brag about how many times they’ve failed and then succeeded.
Will India get any close to such a culture where failure is openly accepted?
In conversation with Mr Binod Bawri.
Shreya Gupta February 24, 201610:29 am

We are back and live on the Second day of SURGE 2016.

The day has already started with a good response, hoping for more.
Lets keep rolling!
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 23, 20165:04 pm

Thats a wrap. We will be back tomorrow. And not to mention, we received a great response. Thanks for tuning in, we’ll be back tomorrow.

Cheers! 😀
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20164:12 pm

Winding up with comments on net neutrality.

Lets hear what Dave has to say.
‘Facebook is a very progressive company but at the same time there is a very developing ecosystem in india that needs an opportunity to develop on its own. Its definitely going to take time but this opportunity is really important.’
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:58 pm

Just btw, they’ve invested in over 1500 startups.

High time we change the name isn’t it? 500 startup sounds like a startup in itself now
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:57 pm

In conversation with Dave McClure, 500 startups.

This is going to be very interesting.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:55 pm

Much awaited, a panel discussion ‘500 Strong’.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:46 pm

Evolution or Sticking to the plan of the company.

What defines a company?
The company is best defined when it sticks to the plan and stays focused while also being versatile. Technology is evolutionary. So why not?
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:43 pm

When you look at a company, do you look at the founder or the company?

For Jalak, its better to have a A class founder with a B class Company than a B class founder with a A class idea. The Founder is a more important aspect for evaluation.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:37 pm

The panel that consists of women only. This Entrepreneurship 2.0 discussion should be a learner and maybe an eye opener for many.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:36 pm

Ending the session with a ‘hug.’

Mr Modi really rubbing it off on the indian-foreign relationship.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:35 pm

To understand what the real problem is, is what will help foreign investors to undo the damage that has already been done. This can be done by thinking like an indian and understand the real problem and challenges instead of treating it like another place for investment.

Well said, considering how last time they just sucked all our financial resources and left the country dry.
Deepanshu Khandelwal February 23, 20163:31 pm

Meanwhile, Ather has launched its s340 electric scooter, and its awesome !

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 23, 20163:29 pm

And we all now what “colonisation” is intended for here ! 😛

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:28 pm

Hello Hello!

Mr Seedfund was blocked on twitter by the Facebook investors.
Woah, taking the colonisation to another level!!!
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:27 pm

Talking about that, its surprising how bad the network in Bangalore is.

All the ‘Athithis’ are facing major network issues. Please use the 45 million dollars where it’ll actually be appreciated.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:25 pm

Intel issues regarding the net usage in india is what we are facing. Instead of spending 45 million dollars on printing media, it should have been used to create 3 million data usage points in the villages.

This would have solved the issue more than just cribbing about poverty, illiteracy etc etc. Accept it, India generates more engineers and doctors than anywhere else in the world. We don’t need to focus on educational result but we need opportunities to get better education. Just provide better net facilities please. High time!
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:20 pm

Net Neutrality is basically the principle that net usage such be made universal and not compartmentalise it on the basis of usage and content.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:19 pm

Has the battle for net neutrality been won or was it just a phase of showing disagreement and doing nothing about it?

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:17 pm

James Crabtree in conversation with Mahesh Murthy and Mohit Saxena on the need for net neutrality.

Lets hear what they have to say about it.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:15 pm

Its very important to understand the basic tools of digital world ourselves, for example instagram, youtube, hashtags. This is what will help us keep our authenticity alive. Touching grounds with the work.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:13 pm

The centre stage is packed and hot but everyone wants to know how digitalisation of the content will help the artists bloom.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:12 pm

There will come a time where the western culture will be focused on through social media and networking rather than just television. Were mainly taking about the western culture music here.

Totally agreed considering there is so much PR on social network regarding the same. If anyone noticed how Coldplay got back in the game not only because of their latest release but also because of the discussions and deliberation on social media regarding their latest album. hymmfortheweekend
Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:09 pm

How 50% of the fans caught my show on Youtube. This is how people are consuming content specially via Facebook and blogs. So a digital platform is a entertainment driven content. This coming from Abhijit, The Stage artist.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 20163:08 pm

At Centre Stage, a discussion on “The age of Digital Artist” with Devraj Sanyal from Universal Music Group talking about how micro communities will be served differently than the digital platform serving Bollywood.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 201612:10 pm

Taking a Break but we will surely be back with a one-on-one with Lakshmi Pratury (INK). Looking forward to this one.

Time for some caffeine to get the system sorted. Catch up with you soon 🙂
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201611:20 am

Tarun Mehta here at Surge to talk about the future of vehicles in India.

Why Tarun, the Co-founder of Ather is not at some auto-expo makes complete sense because this is just the right kind of audience he was looking for and SURGE served it to him on a silver plate.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201611:18 am

A marketing pitch by Pratap P from QwikCilver Solutions on why should everyone pay digitally and not use cash. Its not just about convenience or technology. Its also about how e-commerce is also assisting small shops, mobile wallets connecting people. Its about how people don’t want to go back but back up a digitised platform for money.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 201611:14 am

Moving on from the Centre Stage to the Marketing stage.

Here a discussion on “Can mobile wallets go mainstream?”
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201611:10 am

You have to be so obsessed. So much that when people talk to you about your interest that see so much passion that they become interested in what you are going.

Passion and Obsession are the keys to get yourself working.
Hopefully we shall get to see a lot of obsession and passion at SURGE 2016.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201611:03 am

His vision is to become the 4th SUPER POWER. How anyone of us dream so big and land on the moon, bring back Helium 3 for the Earth. People think its crazy but crazy is whats got Mr Naveen going.

He also says that its better not be an expert in the field. Experts give perfect ideas but disruptive ideas come from the ones not from the field.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201611:01 am

The race to Space

Mr Naveen on his latest venture i.e. the MOON.
How going to the moon and bringing back a small amount of Helium 3 will benefit the humanity for years to come.
Woah! Mr Naveen is definitely on a roll.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201610:59 am

Ending the BIG BANG session with a positive note that there are investors, there are startups and there is a huge market.

I hope everybody here is listening. There are some very interested investors here at SURGE 2016. Goodluck!
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201610:56 am

Where will be the value and opportunity going ahead from 2016?

Over a period of time the ecosystem judges you and since our business has no exit period we need to be responsible. Its also an evolving ecosystem therefore you need to be judicially judged and the bet should be worth it.
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201610:53 am

Early stage differences in a startup. One of them being the different pages that an entrepreneur is and the stake holders are regarding the business and for this, it is necessary they learn and become mature. Biggest challenge is when the growth is not at the stage where you would attract any investor and this incubation period require patience and for the stake holders to be on the same page.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 201610:50 am

The not so amicable relationship between a VC and an entrepreneur. How to get around this glitch in the relationship in the best possible manner to get extra-ordinary results. In order to get extra-ordinary results you have to create a disruptive business. Suggestion to the VC and the Entrepreneurs to be judicious in how much money you want to raise and how fast you believe in the growth of your business.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 201610:47 am

There is always money available in the country, but for the right type of market. There have been large investments in india and its not just about big names, even for young startups there is money available but the question is, whether they are at the right place, right time and of the right value.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 201610:43 am

How putting your money in any venture should not just be about having money to invest, you should look at the relationship the investment will create.

Shreya Gupta February 23, 201610:41 am

Live from the Centre Stage of SURGE 2016, Bangalore.

Currently, its time to discuss “The Big Bang” how real value companies are on a surge.

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