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[LIVE]SURGE 2016 : Marketing Stage Liveblog

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We are all wired in from SURGE 2016, Bangalore and this is the Marketing Stage liveblog. Stay tuned here for all the major announcements coming from the Centre Stage track. For other liveblogs, navigate here.


Editor-at-large and co-founder at The Tech Portal. He is a tech enthusiast with interests in new-age technology fields like Ai, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Outer Space and related stuff. Drop him a mail anytime, very reachable.

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 23, 20162:07 pm

We are up for the Lunch Break. See ya on the other side ! Cheers !

Pawas Jain February 23, 20161:02 pm

Talking about how augmented Reality can change the e-commerce experience of consumers in coming years!

Pawas Jain February 23, 20161:01 pm

Ashwini Asokan, Founder of Mad Street Den, tells about her own visual experience startup asks about the digital display for e-commerce startups and how they can give a more real experience to the consumers.

Pawas Jain February 23, 20161:00 pm

Amazon is not building physical stores anywhere in the US also. This trend shows the future is not in brick and motor businesses any more – says Joel Bar-El (of Trax Image Recognition).

Deepanshu Khandelwal February 23, 201612:57 pm

Urban Ladder CEO Ashish Goel talks about how Indian consumers have leaped into the digital retail system, directly from unorganised retail. While in other geographies, its a step from unorganised to organized to digital.

Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:43 pm

You can only be creative, you cannot predict what is going to work and go viral over the internet!

Well point made!
Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:42 pm

Giving examples of the likes of AIB and Shraddha Sharma, the music sensation, Samir Talks about the video revolution waiting to happen in India with millions of views being clocked by these stalwarts!

Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:40 pm

Ex-VC and Investment Banker Samir Banagara, now the founder of Qyuki is here to talk about the explosion of Video Content in India!

In-talks with Nirmal John from Fortune India
Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:34 pm

Data can be used at a huge scale to create ad campaigns and digital advertising, says Charulata!

Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:32 pm

The entire advertising is going to become digital, predicts Dhimant from The Better India.

Watch out people, Digital Age is coming!
Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:27 pm

Gulshan from Times Internet gives his insights on content marketing.

Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:26 pm

How many people would pay for the content they read?

By the show of hands, almost NONE! Welcome to India, folks!
Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:23 pm

A good number of people raise their hands on being asked whether they have blocked advertisements on their browsers!

So true! Ads are a pain in the a**, aren’t they?
Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:22 pm

Charulata talks about how a consumer does not need intrusion in their browsing experience, and prompts the startups to think like a consumer.

Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:20 pm

Its a great panel with Amar Goel (PubMatic), Charulata (Razorfish), Gulshan Verma (Times Internet) and Dhimant Parekh (The Better India) talking about ads!

Pawas Jain February 23, 201612:19 pm

Next Up: In an ad-blocking world, what form will ads take next?

Tune in to Marketing Stage [LIVE] blog at surge2016!
Shreya Gupta February 23, 201611:26 am

Being Connected and Being Smart is what the earlier vehicles missed but now is the time to launch a vehicle thats both Smart and Connected : S340

Pawas Jain February 23, 201611:16 am

Both the speakers pitch to the audience on why digital is the next big thing and why cashless economy is the future!

Impressive and convincing, mobile / smart payments are basically going to become everything!
Pawas Jain February 23, 201611:07 am

How different is it to do business in the current ecosystem? Discussing the insights of doing business and how it has changed in the last 4-5 years.

Largely speaking, genie is out of the bottle already and its a great time for starting up and scaling up a young disruptive business.
Pawas Jain February 23, 201611:04 am

QwikCilver is a leading, fully integrated, end-to-end service provider in the Prepaid stored-value gift cards space. It is a 7 year old company in the so called “fin-tech” space! Pratap, the founder, explains how they have empowered the retailers and brand owners.

Pawas Jain February 23, 201611:02 am

Talking about the macro picture on mobile wallets and how they can affect the economic development! Abhijit throws light on how fin-tech has grown amazingly and tremendously in last 12 months!

Pawas Jain February 23, 201611:00 am

Abhijit Bose (Founder, Ezetap) and Pratap P (Founder, QwikCilver) in conversation with Chandra Srikanth from ET NOW, to discuss if Mobile Wallets can become mainstream?

An awesome panel, but missing the pioneer Kunal Shah (Freecharge), who was slotted as well! Last minute goof ups, eh? surge2016
Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:58 am

Mahesh Murthy exits on the note that having more money does not really imply that you will be successful!

Cheers! (Catch Mahesh Murthy at Center Stage at 3.10 pm on Net Neutrality)
Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:54 am

There is a lack of credibility in Indian media, Mahesh Murthy throws light!

Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:53 am

Positively remark worthy marketing strategies are most welcome! Taking the example of gimmicky stunts of Rahul Gandhi in college campuses and the practical approach of Arvind Kejriwal with the odd-even formulae (which apparently was loved by the people of Delhi)!

Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:52 am

Redbull has marketed itself as an entertainment company which creates an energy drink too!

Point marked, Mr. Murthy! For sure, Redbull is a school to learn from when it comes to advertising and marketing tactics!
Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:49 am

Mahesh Murthy, one of the front runners in the fight for Net Neutrality in India, tells the funny irony of how Indians defeated Facebook using Facebook and Facebook fought its battle using TV, Newspaper Ads et al!

We all know the results, indeed!
Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:47 am

You can outspent or outthink, it is for you to decide!

If company as big as WhatsApp, runs only with 57 employees, and NO marketing department, why can’t we?
Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:45 am

Seedfund founder Mahesh Murthy, explains the rule of dominance, where customer recognizes only the first few best ones and no one after that. At social networking we know Facebook, then Google+ and then we don’t remember the third name!

Pawas Jain February 23, 201610:42 am

We are here at the Marketing Stage of surge2016 and it is going to be a hell of a ride with the likes of Mahesh Murthy, Kunal Shah and many other stalwarts lined up!

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