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Former Head Of Journalism And Media At Twitter, Mark Luckie Joins Reddit

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Former manager of News and Journalism at Twitter, Mark Luckie will be joining Reddit, the social news networking service as the head of Journalism and Media later this month. Luckie officially announced earlier today that he will join Reddit and take his new position on February 22.

Though Luckie’s profile at Reddit entails responsibilities as those handled at Twitter, he will be dealing with news on a much deeper level at Reddit. Speaking about his new role, Luckie stated

I’m pulling from my experience in and vast knowledge of the journalism industry. I’ll be managing partner relationships with media organizations, developing integrations and working with internal teams to roll out tools that reflect the needs of publications and governmental organizations.

Luckie, who will also be focusing in-depth on politics and governmental organizations added that

In my previous role, I focused almost exclusively on partnerships with news organizations. Now, I’ll also be facilitating conversations with political candidates, government officials and more.

After quitting his position at Twitter back in March 2015, Luckie has openly voiced his displeasure regarding the lack of diversity in work cultures.

Citing examples of the tech industry, Luckie has opined that people from diverse ethnic backgrounds are unrepresented at the top positions. When Twitter hired Jeffery Siminoff as the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Luckie had voiced his displeasure at the decision,

I think across the board, tech companies know that they can’t shirk their users, especially when those users come from diverse groups. Users are not going to let companies overlook diversity anymore.

Now, at Reddit Luckie wants to transform this very work culture to be more inclusive towards employees from diverse cultures. Luckie stated that the positive change is slowly brewing in the tech industry and the recent hiring trend of Twitter and Pinterest goes to show that a change is coming.

For me, being one the more vocal proponents at the beginning of this change, I think a lot of credit goes to Reddit for bringing me in knowing I have been so vocal. I think this does present a change across the industry, and I hope to see a lot more of it,

stated Luckie.

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