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Leaked Promo Video Reveals Galaxy S7 Edge Will Be Water Resistant

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Close to the official launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphones the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on February 21, rumors have spread like wildfire about the devices specifications. And Samsung has just not be able to put down that fire, even a bit.

The latest of them all is a commercial, leaked from Samsung’s Indonesian arm earlier today, nearly a week before the launch. The new promo for the S7 Edge device reveals a glimpse of the features in store for users days before the launch. Earlier, Samsung had released a similar promo, revealing the Gear VR platform support on the S7.

The promo video reveals that the S7 Edge might be water resistant. A few of the Samsung smartphones launched after 2014 have been water resistant, with the exception being the S6 smartphone released last year. Though the S6 was not water resistant, the Galaxy S6 Active was designed to be water resistant by Samsung. Going by the new promo it is clearly evident that Samsung is making its flagship smartphones water resistant.

The S7 Edge will also be capable of wireless charging as per the promo video that was invariably leaked on Samsung’s website for Indonesia. The wireless charging feature was introduced in S6 device last year. Contrary to its name, the wireless charging operation actually requires the device to be docked to the charger. The promo video also highlights a new fitness device strapped on a athletes arm. The device could be yet another attempt by Samsung to supply accessories that monitor heart rate, which has been a regular feature since S5, to entice the fitness addicts.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is set to be unveiled on February 21 officially by Samsung. The device also boasts of a fingerprint reader, curved sides of the screen, and camera that can record at low-light conditions. Samsung boasted off the capabilities of the new camera with the phrase “bring light to the night”.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will both have a QHD AMOLED display, and a 12 megapixel rear camera to speak of.

The promo video comes with the tagline #TheNextGalaxy and has been timed close to the unveiling of the device. The smartphone will be available for pre-order from 21 February up until 3 March.

Samsung Galaxy S7, according to reports is slated to go on sale on 11 March in the UK. The same date is also expected for the US launch of the device as well.


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