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Boosting PM Modi’s Make in India initiative is the latest announcement from Cupertino giant, Apple Inc. which is soon going to launch its first technology development centre in India at Hyderabad. The tech giant has allocated about 250,000 sq. ft. area inside its IT centre at Hyderabad.

Apple’s technology development centre will be located close to the centres operated by Microsoft, Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant. All the tech centres are inside the Tishman Speyer’s WaveRock facility at Hyderabad.

The cost for its first such facility in India will be around $25 million. Once fully operational, the facility will offer close to 4,500 jobs.

This facility, according to the Technology Services managing director for Telangana State GT Venkateshwar Rao, will benefit Hyderabad’s status as the development centre for information technology around the world. He stated that

Microsoft’s Windows 10 was developed in Hyderabad, but it has been a global product now.

Similarly other tech giants have also expressed their interest to invest in India through their projects. It was back in 2006 that Apple elaborated its plans to develop a product support centre in Bangalore. The plans never materialised as Apple decided to develop its support centre in other countries.

According to the reports, this facility will be Apple’s first offshore technology development centre outside the US. The facility is speculated to begin its operations by the end of this summer.

Google too is not far behind as its CEO Sundar Pichai, has already announced plans to construct a new campus in Hyderabad that will cost the company $160 when build this will be the Google’s biggest campus in the South Asian region.

The news comes months after Apple CEO Tim Cook meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in San Jose to boost the Make in India initiative. Apple is also planning to launch a series of new stores throughout India soon.


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