LinkedIn wants to reduce the amount of research you need to do while you’re searching for your dream job. The professional social networking website has announced on Monday, that it is rolling out a new set of features that will help you understand the job you’re opting for better. 

The new features include a set of analytics that will help users research about the company they are trying for a job. The data you can get access to includes stuff like whether you know someone directly employed there, whether the company has a track record of hiring people with qualifications/skills similar to your own and who your potential team will be.

The feature is currently available to 10 percent of LinkedIn’s English-speaking audience. These markets include the US, the UK, Canada, India and Australia. It is also noteworthy that the analytics will only be available on the Web version of the service, for now. The company says that its mobile app and job search app might get an update with these features sometime during the first few months of 2016.

The new feature is an extension to the already tried-and-true networking approach set up by LinkedIn. And to get access to its advantages, you do not need to do anything extra. Just open up a job posting and depending on your subscription with LinkedIn, you’ll find analytics data right there.

Normally, you could just see the role, requirements and qualifications for the job you are looking at, but now you will get access to features like ‘Meet the Team’, which will display all the people at the company with titles similar to yours. LinkedIn believes that this will help you better understand the background and skills of your future team.

One more very useful feature is the ability to view any connections you may have who currently work there, along with a “one-click ability” to message them directly.

These are some of the features, free users get access to. If you’re a Premium member, LinkedIn will give you access to more useful insights like the hiring trends of the company as well as the average tenure and number of employees.

The feature will not only help you find the job you’re looking for, but it will also help you increase the chances of getting a fair shot at it by allowing you to make contacts and understand the job, as well as your potential employees, better.

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