Western Digital, the American computer data storage company, which is one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world, today announced the HGST Ultrastar He10. This is the world’s first helium filled hard disk drive.

The Ultrastar He10 is based on WD’s Proven Third-Generation HelioSeal Platform. It comes in with 10 terabytes of storage space which is 25% higher than the previous generation HDDs. It is a perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) HDD that provides the highest capacity, lowest power consumption per TB and the highest reliability rating of all HDDs in the market.

The He10 is 56% more power efficient than the previous generation drives when running and saves up to 22% power when it’s in the idle mode. This, the company claims and tests have shown, is because of the helium that has replaced the traditional air medium in the hard disk drives.

The device also comes in with HGST’s best-in-class reliability standards, offering a 2.5 million mean-time-between-failures rating as well as a five-year warranty.

Our HelioSeal platform has defied next-generation expectations around capacity, reliability and power in HDDs,”

said Brendan Collins, vice president of product market, HGST.

We were the first to recognize the benefits of Helium and have pushed the boundaries while others are scrambling to catch up. The Ultrastar He10 represents the third generation of our HelioSeal line. It redefines enterprise capacity HDDs, showing the industry where storage devices need to go, to stay in front of the future that data growth is hurtling towards.

The hard disk drive will find applications mainly in the media sector for the storage and running of high resolution videos, games and business and other cloud-based applications. It will also be a cornerstone for all public and private cloud deployments moving forward.


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