Visual Website Optimizer‘s parent company Wingify, is today announcing its acquisition of US-based Navilytics which provides visitor analytics solutions. This is a step forward for the company which aims to emerge as conversion optimization company from A/B testing tool.

The company is focusing to create a platform where all the tools related to Conversion Rate Optimization are available at a single destination, including heat maps, visitor recordings, usability analysis, expert feedback, form analysis, surveys, A/B testing.

Navilytics was launched in February 2014 by Conner Hewitt in Chicago with the goal of becoming a new standard in web analytics. It has more than 600 users, adds capabilities of heat maps, click maps, scroll maps, visitor session recordings and form analysis in an all-in-one powerful package.

Soon, many of the features of Navilytics will be ported into Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). The company has already made available visitor recordings, form analysis and area stats on its platform.

A couple of weeks ago, the company launched a new feature called On-page surveys, which helps users to uncover website visitors’ intentions, motivations and apprehensions. It comes with themes and modification options using CSS, along with some advanced features such as collect emails, download reports, etc.

The company hopes that these new features will allow marketers to walk in the shoes of their customers with far greater clarity. User now see how a particular visitor browsed their website, what path they took, how much they scrolled, where they clicked and in what sequence they consumed content on their page, and then trigger a survey based on their behavior asking why they did or did not take a particular action.

Visual Website Optimizer is claimed to be the world’s easiest A/B testing tool that helps businesses improve their websites by tracking visitor behavior, testing improvement ideas and targeting visitors for personalization, which is being used by more than 4,000 businesses.

Commenting about the acquisition, Paras Chopra, Founder and CEO, VWO said,

Navilytics is an extremely strategic acquisition for us. It is a well-proven solution and brings to VWO a wide variety of capabilities that will take a lot of time to develop in-house. With this acquisition, we are all set to becoming the first full-featured conversion optimization platform in the world by 2016.

Conner Hewitt, Founder of Navilytics, said,

We’ve always believed that a keen focus on customer satisfaction backed by strong technology and marketing capability can drive true market innovation. In VWO, we’ve found a great fit for our product as well as an opportunity to reach many more users owing to its global outreach.

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