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Facebook takes its multimedia efforts very seriously, there’s no doubt about it. Holding true to this, we saw the social giant bring 360-degree video support to its Android and Web users in September. iOS users, meanwhile, had to wait to get their share of the latest and simplest VR tech from Facebook. The wait is finally over today as the Facebook client for iOS has received an update that will allow users to view 360-degree videos on their Apple device.

Another treat from the social giant is that the company has also added support for Samsung’s Gear VR headset. This will surely make virtual reality an awesome experience over Facebook.

If you didn’t already know what 360-degree is, it’s motion picture which allows you to view an environment in a 360-degree perspective by waving your phone around or tapping and swiping on the screen.

The company is also making it easier to upload 360-video from consumer cameras, including those from Theta, Giroptic and IC Real Tech so that there’s enough content for users to stream and enjoy. Facebook is also enabling more brands to use 360-degree videos in their advertisements. This will compel more users to interact with the ads resulting in more engaging content.

The mobile apps from the companies that are partnering up with Facebook for content will readily support 360-degree video sharing. If you want to learn more about how the tech works and what you need to do, you could visit this new dedicated site for 360-degree videos.

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