Every Firefox+iOS user was waiting fir this with starry eyes, and it’s finally here. Mozilla has officially launched its Firefox browser for the iOS platform earlier today. Firefox’s iOS app is available for download on the iTunes app store.

Mozilla had given a hint of the launch last year when it introduced a limited preview of Firefox for iOS users.

Its reluctance to launch Firefox for the iOS platform is due to Apple’s strong grip and monopoly of the Safari browser on the iOS platform. Apple continues to carry its tradition of restricting users from setting other browsers apart from Safari as the default browser to this day.

This was one of reasons why Mozilla stayed away from the iOS platform, but considering Apple’s recent move to break its strong grip on some of its pre-existing rules, Mozilla finally payed heed to consumer demands and launched its web browser for the Apple devices. So iPhone and iPad users can start using the Firefox browser, although the default web browser on their device, still remains Safari.

On the other hand, Mozilla launched Firefox for the Android devices fairly early compared to its iOS launch. The web browser was launched into OS developed by Google only three years ago. Since its launch the web browse has received positive reviews on the Play Store and remains among the top browsers for the Android platform.

With this iOS launch, Firefox hopes to emulate its success and reclaim its lost glory amidst the dominance of Google Chrome.

The stronghold for Firefox continues to be the PC, where it is the second most used web browser with 11% to 17% of systems using the web browser. In terms of region specific statistics, Firefox is the dominant browser in the countries of Asian and African continents, along with Germany, and Cuba, and Indonesia.


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