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Instagram Users In Few Regions Experience Outage

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Last month, Facebook had gone through three large outages which, the company believes, were due to a “configuration issue” for the downtime. In a similar fashion, Facebook owned photo-sharing service Instagram has also been facing a smaller scale outage today. According to Down Detector, the social networking site has been having these issue since early morning today. While web users using Insta via Instagram.com did not report any problems, the issue seems to be mobile-centric and affecting only the smartphone clients of the service.

The issue has been widely discussed on many social platforms today including Twitter and Facebook and though we still cannot comment on the outreach of the problem, it seems highly unlikely that all Instagram users are experiencing the problem.

The issue, in essence, is that Instagram is simply not loading or completely freezing and forcing them to close it if users are trying to access it via their mobile apps.

Most of the reports online by users point towards the fact that the issue is highly concentrated in parts of North America and Europe.

Facebook hasn’t yet commented on the nature of the issue and when it will be fixed. We’ll keep you updated on any significant development regarding this subject.

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