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Trying to access Facebook when the internet is crawling, feels exactly like waiting in a long queue, moving at snail pace. An availavle alternative is Facebook Lite, though it doesn’t resolve the issue completely.

Acknowledging that it’s potential for growth lies in the emerging markets, where 2G is still the deal when it comes to connectivity to the internet, Facebook has come up with a new plan to resolve the issue

To suit it’s website to the demands of these markets, Facebook has tried to alter the way it displays its webpages  with following changes: It will now display previously loaded pages when the internet is slow, and will keep the content of next page in check while you finish up with the current page.

This reloves the current issue of showing blank page in case of slow connection. Till yesterday Facebook dealt with the issue by loading bits of  content from its News Feed items ask at once. This way Facebook divided the existing bandwidth to load content. Videos and large files were omitted from the page.

Facebook’s new strategy to tap into the users in the emerging markets comes days after PM Narendra Modi’s Q and A session with Mark Zuckerberg. Their second meeting in a year seems to have secretly addressed the issue of internet connectivity in India, as large user base still access internet through mobile devices.

The strategy also furthers not only Facebook’s two billion user dream, but also the PM’s Digitize India endeavour.

As a result the upcoming display of webpages will only work on mobile devices. As for the desktop users, only time will tell whether they too will see light at the end of the stagnant tunnel.

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