Schoolguru, a platform which provides academic and technology services to help Universities launch and manage online programs, has today announced that it has raised Rs. 20 crore in Series A round of funding from the family offices of a few HNI Investors in India.

With the new cash coming to the company, it is planning to invest in enhancing the technology of its platform and improve the overall user experience. It is also also planning to enhance the content library to make it more enriching for students.

The company is also planning to associate with 25-30 Indian universities across major states and is targeting over a million students in the next couple of years to enroll for the e-learning enabled programs in India. It is also planning to expand internationally and offer it’s platform to the emerging nations.

Schoolguru’s content library, amongst other type of content, consists of a large number of video lectures. The video lectures are created with the help of 1,500 professors and academicians of India and abroad to ensure customized, syllabus based content development for the Universities in English and also in Vernacular medium.

Started in 2012 by Shantanu Rooj, Ravi Rangan and Anil Bhat with an aim to help Universities offer e-learning services to their students, Schoolguru currently services 12 large Indian Government Universities and helps them manage their Online Course Delivery Platforms.

Schoolguru provides a managed technology platform providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support for universities/ courses without having them to spend capital on infrastructure, content and student service. It helps Universities deliver high quality technology powered courses, using its hybrid mobile platform, eliminating the need for a computer and a high-speed Internet connection for the students.

Students from even remote and rural areas of the country will be able to learn online for their degrees and diplomas on their smartphones. Currently, Schoolguru is covering around 170 graduation and post graduate programs and services close to 1.5 Lakh students in 9 major regional languages.

Shantanu Rooj, CEO and Co-Founder, Schoolguru said,

We wish to revolutionise the distance education scenario in India by providing better technology support to our partner Universities to deliver high quality academic programs for thousands of students in India and abroad at an affordable cost. 

Rooj further says, that this funding will allow his firm to improvise on technology and give a rich and fulfilling learning platform to the students of its partner University.

SchoolGuru has plans to offer services not only to the ODL students but also to the students enrolling for traditional classroom education.

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