Announced at its I/O conference this year, Google has today made available official release dates for Android M, more recently christened Marshmallow. Google says, that it will start rolling Android 6.0 officially, starting next week.

And as has been the historical precedence, Google’s own Nexus phones, tablets and the Nexus Player will be the first to receive the Android 6.0 update.

If you’d remember this year’s I/O conference, you’d know Android M isn’t a very major update over lollipop. With Android L, Google announced a major re-design as well as software overhaul to Android. With Android M though, Google brought in some major improvements to Lollipop, in the same packaging.
android-marshmallowAndroid Marshmallow has a new permissions system, for example, which makes permission seeking by apps more relevant. While earlier apps used to ask for permissions immediately after install, Android M changes that and apps will now ask you for permissions, only when you actually start using it.

Android M also has a new smart battery-saving mode (Google now calls it the ‘Doze’ mode) that will put the device into deep sleep when it’s left on a table for a long time. Google says, that the new Nexus devices, will see as much as 30% increase in their battery lives.

One of the more marquee features though, is the new Google Now On Tap. With this, you can now pull up relevant content from virtually any of those millions of apps on Play Store, with Google’s voice assistant.

With Marshmallow though, Google has already stressed that the company tried to focus on fit and finish with this update, and lesser on a major overhaul.


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