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Microsoft Releases Fresh Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build With Photo App Updates

This is perhaps the first time when it took Microsoft a significant time in releasing a fresh Windows 10 build. But considering that it is a mobile insider preview, and that Windows 10 Mobile hasn’t really enjoyed the same, glitch-free approach as its desktop brother, a delay is understandable.

So today, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul has announced a fresh Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build, Build 10536. However, Microsoft had already made us aware of a possible in delays Windows 10 Mobile build releases, highlighting that the team had internally encountered certain issues in a new build, due to which they “were not comfortable releasing to Windows Insiders”.

Lets get to the build now.

While the build contains some general improvements, the biggest and most important of them all, is a virtual overhaul in features of Windows 10 Mobile OS’ Photos App.

This update introduces a folder view that makes it easy for you to see your OneDrive and PC folders in the Photos app. On your phone, you can also see folders on your SD card.

This update also brings faster photo viewing and context menus. Specifically, for phones, zoom and panning is faster, and we’ve introduced favorites. However, do make sure you’re running the latest version of the Photos app from the Store to see all these improvements on your phone (version 15.9).

This particular update however hasn’t yet rolled out for PCs but will roll out shortly.

Another interesting addition to the Photos App, is the one-handed mode. And while this feature had already been introduced for larger screen devices, Microsoft says that it received feedback for the inculcation of one-handed mode into smaller screen phones as well. Thus, starting this build, you now get the ability to use one-handed mode on all phones which can be enabled by pressing and holding the Start button. When you do this, your screen will slide down so you can reach items at the top of your screen.

To slide the screen back up, tap the black space at the top of the screen, or press and hold the Start button again. One-handed use will also naturally time out after several seconds and return to your regular view.

Microsoft has also taken note of camera malfunctionalities which owners of the company’s high-end Lumia 1020 have been experiencing. Microsoft says,

If you recently upgraded your Lumia 1020 to a Windows 10 Insider Preview build, you might have been disappointed that your camera wasn’t working like you expect. Many of the Lumia 1020’s camera features, like 41MP capture and DNG files, only work with the Lumia Camera app.

To address that issue, you would be required to use the Lumia Camera app installed on your phone. However, since the app is unavailable right now, Microsoft has an extremely vague solution for you, and I quote,

The easy solution is to wait until the app is available in the Store.

And wait, there’s more,

Thanks for putting up with this temporary loss of functionality on Lumia 1020 devices.

As for my personal suggestion, if you do happen to be a camera craver, then its better to use the Windows recovery tool and switch back to Windows 8.1m until and unless there’s a Lumia Camera app for Windows 10 Mobile available.


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