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Only 6 Days Left For You To Apply To TP Pitch Off ! Don’t Miss The Opportunity, Apply NOW !

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We’ve been telling you already, that apply to TP Pitch Off to stand a chance to win $1 Million worth of free Amazon, Google resources for your startup, or a chance to get into Jaarvis Accelerator, or a chance to get funded LIVE, on-stage ! But you didn’t listen, did you ?

Never mind, you’ve still got a chance, to apply for India’s most disruptive startup event, TP Pitch Off, Season 2 ! In the beautiful Pink City of Jaipur !

And while you get all that mentioned in the opening para, you also get a chance to get feature on The Tech Portal with an exclusive product coverage. We will be live-streaming the entire event on our parent company’s upcoming video platform, Blue Box Live.

Lots of prizes at stake, lots of possible funding opportunities, and a chance to get a guaranteed entry into Jaarvis Accelerator program in Delhi.

Is there literally anything else you’d want ? Yes,there is. Apply to TP Pitch-Off today !


The “anonymous guy” behind the desk who keeps pushing press releases and sponsored content on our site.
P.S. Don’t go to the profile pic on the left, we keep trolling one of our own writers with this… :p

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