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Google Has A Super Mario Bros. Easter Egg To Celebrate 30 Years Of Our Childhood’s Biggest Addiction

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Super Mario Bros. It rings a bell, it definitely does — and probably does more than just ring a bell. The Mario brothers make us feel nostalgic — of a time when there were seemingly simple video game controls, with even simpler and more fun video games.

The iconic video game, released first on September 13, 1985 celebrated 30 years yesterday. And to commemorate our childhood’s most awesome video-gaming memories, Google has put out a rather addictive easter egg for you to engage in that old, long-hour gameplay.

So when you search for ‘Super Mario Bros’ on Google, it will come up with its usual page, with the game info picked up from Wikipedia appearing on the right. There however, you’ll see that iconic “?” Super Mario Bros brick, which in actual game, was a surprise element — but will here get you coins by repeatedly clicking on it.

Video : Drew Olanoff / TechCrunch

I’ve been on it for like 2 hours already, and sadly, there’s nothing more to it. You’ll hear that familiar milestone achieved voice when you get to 100 coins, but there’s nothing more to it. No scoring, nothing to compete.

It however, is insanely addictive (at least for me) and you’ve been a die-hard Mario fan, you just won’t stop clicking on it.

So Go On, relive those memories !


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