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Apple has already forecasted a new record for the sale of its iPhones. But, a majority of the shipments are facing a launch malfunction, at a time when they are dreadfully close to the launch date.

The culprit in question is the iPhone 6 s Plus whose lower than expected units are going to hit the market. The products were unveiled by Apple on 9 September, mega event that was touted to be Apples biggest launch event in history. The shortage in supply is  speculated to be due the handset’s backlight issues.

Market Analysts traced the flow of water to its source and have pin pointed on Apple supplier Minebea. To resolve the issue and to deliver products on time, Apple has turned towards Minebea rival, Radiant.

As reported earlier, the waiting period for the products in China is somewhere between two to three weeks. The delay in shipping however seems to be due to issues with iPhone 6s Plus. The date has also been further pushed a month back after the official 25 September launch. Analysts also predict a drought like situation for the shipping of iPhone 6s Plus mainly due to a few production hiccups with backlight module.

Apple has chosen it partners well and has looked towards Radiant for supplying the iPhone 6s Plus model. Radiant isn’t new to Apples shipping demands as it was the supplier for the iPad mini. Analysts also contend that Minebea is not capable enough to accomplish the herculean task and expect Radiant to take over at least 80 percent of the shipments for the model.

Majority of Apple iPhone 6s and iPbone 6s Plus consignments will be heading towards the Chinese market in a bid to satisfy the hunger of its awaiting buyers.

Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S. will follow suit as the countries where the launch has been scheduled for 25 September with pre-bookings currently underway in full swing.


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