In an effort to counter the Apple iPad Pro which is due to be released this Wednesday (via 9to5Mac), Microsoft has opted to target corporate America with its main assets in the enterprise which are distribution and partners.

The Redmond giant today announced that Dell, HP and Avanade/Accenture all will be reselling its Surface Pro tablets and also supplementing it with enterprise level services and apps.

These are the first three firms to have signed up with the software giant in its new Surface Enterprise Initiative, which is focused on promoting the Microsoft Surface along the business line. Microsoft says that more partners are expected to join soon.

Apple has currently been working alongside Cisco and IBM in strategic partnerships, so Microsoft has realized that it needs to thwart Apple in the enterprise to some degree, so as to keep its reign running. Another reason why Microsoft may have opted for this partnership is because its hardware partners could not beat the Surface.

CEO Satya Nadella has also made it common knowledge that the company is more about cloud, mobile and apps not necessarily hardware. Also, Microsoft is confident that most enterprises will be loyal to Windows as it holds all the legacy apps.

Tomorrow, the Cupertino is expected to launch its newest 12.9-inch tablet dubbed the iPad Pro. The device is said to come in with keyboard dock and a stylus which can be bought as additional accessories. This matches a lot with the Microsoft’s Surface lineup.

Now all enterprises need to do is to choose for a replacement between these two devices for the traditional laptops. Microsoft has been arguing that its Surface lineup is the best 2-in-1 solution out there and this will be one of the main aims of the Cupertino too.

Microsoft has a smart gameplan as enterprises will find support to its device quite easily. HP and Dell will deliver support. Accenture will integrate.


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