Finding substitutes to the ever reliable Adblock application for desktop comes to a halt as the app avatar of Adblock Plus hits the iOS app store starting today. The application also makes a comeback into Play Store after a two year hiatus.

With the impending launch of the new version of iOS – the iOS 9 – packed with its inbuilt content blocking feature that aims to open the gate for developers to build new ad blocking apps, Adblocker has timed its launch to near perfection.

Due to Adblock being blocked from running on native browsers as an extension, the Adblocker Plus comes with its own browser for the Android and iOS version. Its Android app had been in the beta testing stage from May this year. The company claims that over 300,000 users have already downloaded the app since it beta version release.

Adblock Plus is very excited and grateful to have our app, Adblock browser for Android, available in the Google Play Store.

stated Till Faida, co-founder Adblock Plus.

Its desktop version is reportedly used by more than 50 million active users each month and the company is hoping to attract similar share of users in the mobile segment. The company proclaims to be a step ahead of other existing browsers, and believes its browser to be much safer and competent.

ABP also stated that its application helps to prolong battery life as unwanted ads are prevented from using the systems resources. These malwares in disguise are also effectively blocked by its browser app. The users can however choose and filter out the sites from which they would life to receive ads. Through browsers filter list, users can mark out the sites that they consider less harmful.

Among other claims, ABP states that bookmarking on its browser is a lot better compared to existing applications. Speed wise the browser also appears sleek as pages load faster and are smoother to scroll. Having said that, the application is not without a few issues, as it has shown a few instances of unexpected crashes.

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