On the path of significant technological milestones, the iPad stands as an intermediate link between the laptop and the smartphone. When it came into the market in 2010, it carved out a whole new segment for tablets.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs would hold mega events to launch the newer version of iPad year after year. But now the iPad seems to be slowly fading into subordination behind its cousin — the iPhone. Come September 9, Apple will bring an end to its long tradition of holding launch events specifically for the iPad.

The stars for this year’s event are of course the iPhones, with iPad making a guest appearance. This would be the first time that Apple hasn’t launched the new versions of the iPad as a main attraction. The event in San Francisco is stated to become Apple’s biggest launch event in its history — sans the iPads.

Apart from the iPhone twins, Apple is launching the new upgrade to Apple TV which is stipulated to compete with the popular gaming consoles. Apple is also introducing into the market a set of new bands for the Apple Watch.

Though Apple will give a sneak-peek into the new version of the iPad – named iPad Pro – along with a sequel to the iPad mini, the former, however, is not going to be available in the market until November. The new version of iPad mini is stipulated to be a bit thinner compared to the current version.

The new version also comes with an A-series chip which gives a much superior performance. As for the iPad Pro – the tablet that has been called as the mini version of the Mac – the core is powered by the iOS 9.1. The pad will also include a Force touch stylus.

As for the hardware the iPad Pro packs a punch with its two speakers on the sides. The Pro version of the iPad has been designed to replicate the swift features of the Mac. It also includes an optimized version of Siri.

The Bill Graham auditorium, which is the venue of the mega event, has a total capacity of 7000 seats and makes the event even more prominent just by its sheer capacity. Apple seems to have dropped in every possible launch on a single day. Whether it will propel Apple to bigger heights or will it suffer the fate of its rival Samsung, only time will tell.

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