Adobe’s lesser known mobile marketing wing is undergoing a fresh overhaul as the company announced that its Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target – two separate platforms – will be merged into the marketing platform.

Adobe believes that this new decision to bring together its analytics and personalization tools will aid app developers and mainly the marketers to comprehend the user mindset. The company also believes that by using its analytics platform marketers can learn the user preferences and choices that will help them bring in new customers into their services.

The new convergence will help the marketers with a level of data that is complex and has all the necessary information related to the user.  The integration is currently limited to mobile platform and those marketers who have already realized that with the growth of smartphones the marketing has to follow suit; if they wish to reach large user base.

Adobe ‘s marketing platform better known as Adobe Marketing Cloud is already a convergence of online marketing and web analytics that includes advertising, media optimization, web experience management and content management among other solutions.

Hosted on the Amazon Web Services, the platform currently provides marketing solutions to advertising sector. Adobe Marketing Cloud was first introduced in 2012. One of the tools is the Adobe Analytics which provides real time analytics that can be integrated into third party sources.

Adobe Target on the other hand is a tool that is used for testing and targeting digital experiences, enhancing the overall user experience through interfaces and works on a self-learning algorithm to enhance user engagement. The convergence of these two in the mobile marketing platform will help Adobe foray into this segment.

Other than these two, Adobe Marketing Cloud also includes Adobe Social, which is a tool for social media management, Experience Manager, Media Optimizer and Adobe Campaign. The rise of social media in tandem with the smartphone market has meant that marketers are looking towards these personal engagement platforms to hook the users through their user specific strategies.


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