There is no dearth of job seekers and online job portals in India. However, what does lack, is a rather engaging, visually dynamic, focused online job platform, where seekers get to know in and out about a brand, and vice-versa. JobSpire, a visual job search platform started with that very motive, is now exiting stealth and entering Beta, armed with $262K in seed funding.

JobSpire is a visually dynamic job searching platform, in stark contrast with currently available ‘listicle-type’ job portals which look, on a personal note, as mundane as the companies listed on them. In fact, the type of companies JobSpire primarily lists — startups — is one big differentiating factor, which makes the entire platform all the more interesting as compared to others.

Its founders say, that Jobspire’s special feature & “biggest differentiator” – “manual and algorithmic curation” which solves the problem of DNA-matchmaking a candidate to the company and ascertains that top candidates get offers only from premium companies instead of random ones.

We are also the only startup in India to offer a premium, human touch to recruitment.

say its founders.

So how does JobSpire convert this rather heterogeneous mixture of algorithms and human intelligence into a homogenous one ?

Well, upon analysing the top 22 job roles in India, Jobspire’s team developed quick, 5-minute subjective challenges for each job role to give recruiters a mental snapshot of every candidate. The startup even introduced an audio verification system that helps candidates bypass their first round of interviews online.

As a result of that intense curation, JobSpire is currently working with 91 startups, producing 18 interviews a week and has nearly 30-50 signups daily on the platform, despite being in stealth mode. The platform, with its fresh $262K funding, has now entered Beta.

Jobspire plans to use these funds to scale the team and focus on building an entirely new concept, the Human Metadata Index graph – that we will use to standardize ratings on every applicant on Jobspire, as well as build our referral-only premium recruiting tool, Premium Select, available in beta at Jobspire Premium.


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