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Within A Month, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Has Acquired Over 5% Of The Market Share

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Windows 10 has been a darling to everyone — us reviewers, tech geeks, consumers — everyone. And just to prove how well the OS is doing, Microsoft has revealed, that over 5% of PCs are now already running on Windows 10 — that too within a month — at an adoption rate, not witnessed by any of its previous OS.

The free window to the latest Windows 10 has proved highly beneficial for Microsoft. And as a result, the latest instalment in the flagship Microsoft product has been installed in over 75 million computers in just under a month of its release.

The free upgrade strategy has helped Microsoft capture 5 percent of the market share. But considering how ambitious Microsoft is and as it has always been, the Redmond giant has set a tough to reach target of 1 billion devices.

But the company is in no hurry as it plans to capture the billion figure in the next three years. The number however is not obviously limited to computers but also includes  smartphones, and other devices under the umbrella of Microsoft Windows.

The news of the free upgrade has spread fast and so with it, the number of devices running on Windows 10. The OS that had a market share of 0.39 percent in July, rose phenomenally to 5.21 percent this month. Industry experts opine that rise of Windows 10 is the fastest for any OS till now.

With the next generation Windows enticing  users, Windows 8 has fallen to 2.56 percent. As of now, Windows 8.1 continues to hold a significant market share even with its fall of 1.71 points. The OS accounts for 11.39 percent market share for all versions of Windows.

But the most successful Windows OS is still the 7, which is continuing to dominate the market with a 60 percent share as of June. Well it has not only been the most successful bit also the biggest loser as it slumped down to 57.67 percent following the free upgrade to Windows 10 in August.


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