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Earlier, we reported that Google’s Chrome, the browser running on 50% of the devices, would stop supporting Flash ads starting the 1st of September, as announced by Google. Today the freeze has officially rolled out and all those annoying Flash ads, which took up a lot of real estate on webpages are being subjected to a standstill.

In June, we announced that Chrome will begin pausing many Flash ads by default to improve performance for users. This change is scheduled to start rolling out on September 1, 2015.

The feature was announced by the web giant earlier this June. Apparently, Google had partnered up with Adobe itself, which is the Flash content creator, to come up with the Chrome feature to dry up Flash content. It will allow Chrome to automatically pause Flash content which isn’t centric to a page so that if in any case you are streaming Flash videos, your experience is uniterrupted.

Following this announcement, Google had also asked users to switch to HTML5 ads and had even provided a convertor to get content providers’ ads converted to the specified platform.

While the Flash ads freezing feature was available to Chrome users for a while now, today the feature will be automatically set to on by default so that you don’t need to play those pointless darts or monkey games that take you to an unrelated webpage.

Not just Google, even other Silicon Valley giants are trying to kill off Flash. An example of that could be Amazon which is also drying up Flash content and even a lot of video playback there has been banned.

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