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If you are one of those 75 Million customers who have already upgraded to Windows 10, you’d know that Microsoft’s latest OS ships with two browsers — the next-gen Edge and IE 11 for legacy sites.

While most modern websites open pretty much hassle-free on Edge, there are certain legacy websites (specially certain government ones) which still heavily rely on Internet Explorer’s framework. Now to open them, even Windows 10 owners are required to separately open IE 11 and then open those websites.

Microsoft however, is changing that — The Microsoft Edge Enterprise Mode.

Internet Explorer 11 is mainly alive because of enterprise customers, who still have to run a slew of business apps on the age-old browser. However, from now on, business customers will be automatically re-directed to IE 11, if they open a legacy website or business app on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is achieving this by extending Enterprise Mode support to Microsoft Edge. That means any site specified on the Enterprise Mode Site List in Windows 10 will open in IE11 even when you’re browsing in Edge.

Also, as has been the case with most Microsoft updates in the post-Windows 10 era, this update will also be shipped automatically to all business customers, since Microsoft is now serving Windows 10 as a service — so no new, bulky update to be installed.

For more details on how to use this feature, check out “Use Enterprise Mode to improve compatibility” on Microsoft TechNet.


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