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Yahoo Announces Updates To Its Mobile Developer Suite

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The Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in New York City was a very buzzy event today. Folks at Yahoo have been hard at work to make developers’ experiences better. The company has announced few updates and new tools.

To show their support towards the developer community, Simon Khalaf, Yahoo’s senior vice president of publisher products, today announced on-stage as well as through various blog posts that Yahoo’s mobile ecosystem will be seeing a few changes and unveiled some new tools for mobile developers.

Three major mobile developer tools were announced today by the web giant. Let’s tackle them all now.

The first tool has been dubbed ‘Tumblr In-App Sharing’. The feature is basically a call button which can be integrated into your apps and will allow users to share anything they do with their followers on Tumblr with just one click. If someone who doesn’t have the app comes across a post, the user can seamlessly download the app, says Yahoo. Another important aspect of this new feature is that app developers will now be able to keep track of engagement on content shared by their users, such as how many times it has been re-blogged, clicked on or liked.

The feature is being launched in association with PicsArt, which is a mobile photo editing app, if you didn’t know already. That means that users will now be able to share the photos and collages that they’ve created/edited in PicsArt, directly from the app into Tumblr.

The second big announcement of the day was Real-Time Metrics. This is essentially Yahoo’s real-time analytics for app usage. The service is said to work vigilantly, updating automatically every 15 seconds, allowing developers to have instant insight into app activity. The service works through Flurry Analytics and will cost you nothing, no matter how many users you host.

The third and final big service announced today was native video ads for publishers. Developers will now be able to utilize Yahoo tools to integrate native video ads into their apps. It is designed to increase monetisation by combining the best performing ad format with the best performing ad content.


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