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Swatch Looking To Add More Watches To Its Smartwatch Line-up

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Swiss watchmaker Swatch, which previously debuted its Touch Zero One smartwatch, has now signalled plans to introduce a new watch in its smartwatch line-up. This also hints towards the fact, that swiss watchmakers, even though its late, may finally be looking to get serious about smartwatches

The new watch, perhaps a successor to its Touch Zero One, will be competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung who are eyeing to dominate the smartwatch market.

The company has already finalized the launch date of Touch Zero One’s sequel at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Swatch says, that Touch Zero One has been designed to meet individual preferences rather than offer features which are being provided by its competitors. The smartwatch has a few unique features like, it can measure the power generated by Volleyball players when they smash the ball.

Other more regular features include helping trekkers by keeping a track of the distance they have travelled. Swatch has also announced that it will roll out new watches equipped with advanced near field communication chips by the end of this year, which may well be a first.

Swatch, of course has to contend with smartphone giants Samsung and Apple, who have ventured into the growing smartwatch market, with Samsung recently teasing the Gear S2 to compete with Apple Watch that has taken the market by storm.

With the rise of ‘smart’ watches, traditional manufacturers have been badly hit. But then, you can;t really blame smartwatches alone, for the decline of traditional timepieces. Its also their own stubbornness and syncing with new-age tech, that has brought this result. Specially in the US market, the launch of Apple Watch has reduced the sales of traditional watches by 14%.

Nevertheless, looks like they have realised after all.



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