In a fresh update to its wearables OS, Google has today announced, that Android Wear will now get interactive watch faces, which will now let you change your watch’s design, reveal more information, or even launch a specific app — all through a tap.

As a part of this update, Google has launched three different watch faces, all having their own set of specific actions. However, fret not, the options are not limited. Starting today, Google has also released the Interactive Watch face API, letting developers build their own unique interactive watch faces.

The three watch faces being released today, are Bits — for letting you choose the info you want at a glance, Under Armour — to help you monitor your daily fitness metrics comprehensively, and Together — to help you stay connected with that special one the entire day.

Along with these interactive watchfaces, Google is also launching the duly awaited, built-in Google Translate support for Android Wear. As stated by Google, Translate is built into the latest Android Wear software update, so you can have bilingual conversations even if you don’t have Google Translate on your phone, or if you’re away from your phone but connected via Wi-Fi.

As of now, Google translate is available in 44 languages, with more language support arriving soon. To translate, Flip your wrist to show the translation to a friend. When they respond in their own language, flip your wrist back, and you’ll see in your language what they’ve just said.

Google Translate will automatically recognize which of the two languages is being spoken, so once you tap to start the conversation, all you and your buddy need to do is keep talking naturally.

This update to Android Wear is now rolling out as an over-the-air update to all Android Wear watches. The update also brings Wi-Fi support to the LG G Watch R.

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