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ICICI Bank Just Launched A Futuristic Tool That Provides Robotic Access To Lockers

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India’s largest private sector bank, ICICI has launched a new facility named ‘Smart Vault’, which provides automated access to lockers from its safe vault. The bank has incorporated technology that functions independently, without the need for customers approaching any bank personnel in order to access their vaults.

The utility provides 24×7 access to lockers and has a special feature wherein the customers can access the lockers in a secure lounge. In short, ICICI says, that it has eliminated the need of bank personnel having to physically interact with the customers while they access their safe vaults. Yep, pretty much like those bank heist movies.

The Smart Vault feature is currently located at New Delhi, and is equipped with multi-layered security systems. The tool uses advanced biometric authentication, debit card and PIN number authentication, along with an unbreakable lock system and also provides the option of using additional personal lock for customers.

With Smart Vault, ICICI has really taken banking security to the next level. The bank has added a biometric alert system that informs the bank personnel about any security breach occurring into the safe vault. If there is inauthentic access into the system, then the system alerts a central team through a direct call line.

The other security features offered through this facility include automatic alarms for sessions beyond a specified time, 24×7 armed guard, video patrolling after the banking hours and SMS alerts to customers on usage of locker.

Launching the facility, Chanda Kochhar, MD and CEO of ICICI Bank said,

This innovation is an exemplary example of the potential of ‘Make in India’ – as it has been both designed and manufactured by Indian partners. We believe the ‘Smart Vault’ will be yet another compelling addition to our array of technology led propositions.

The customers can access their lockers by swiping their debit card. The authentication process uses a biometric mechanism to determine the identity of the customer. Once inside, the customer needs to swipe the debit card once more and enter the PIN number to gain access to their locker. Once validated, a robotic arm located in the safe vault then identifies, retrieves and presents the locker to the customer at the secure lounge.

Here, the vault uses a unique dimple key to provide access to the locker. After completing the authentication process the customers can deposit or withdraw valuables from their locker. Once the transaction ends, the robotic arm gets to work and retracts the locker back into its original location.

Most of the features of the Smart Vault  have been innovated and designed in India. The bank claims that each locker can withstand a load of 70 kgs. If you are curious to know more about the this tool that appears to come straight out of the Bond novels then do so at


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