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Google Launches Android Experiments To Showcase Experimental Android Apps

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In an attempt to celebrate the success of its open source OS Android, Google today announced via a blog post that they are launching a new service dubbed Android Experiments. The service showcases all the inspiring projects based on the Android platform submitted by developers worldwide over time.

Android Experiments, as you might have already guessed it, is actually the counterpart to Chrome Experiments, a site wherein Google publishes a select few Chrome apps and plugins which have used new, cutting-edge tech and ideas for their development.

The Android Experiments website is currently showing off 20 initial experiments that show a wide variety of projects that developers around the globe have put their blood and sweat into. The projects range from “camera experiments to innovative Android Wear apps to hardware hacks to cutting edge OpenGL demos”.

All of the listed dev apps have been built using platforms such as the Android SDK and NDK, Android Wear, the IOIO board, Cinder, Processing, OpenFrameworks and Unity. All experiments are open-source so that other devs can see how they were made.

Once you log onto the official website of the service, right on top, you will see the highlighted apps for the day. A short videoclip will show you how and why the selected app works. You could also opt to get details about the app and its developer as well as download and instal it on Google Play. Below this you will be able to see the full list of the innovative developer modules that Google thinks are worth showcasing.

What’s more is that you can use the available frameworks to work on apps if you have any ideas as all of the showcased apps are open-sourced.

If you yourself have developed something innovative and wish to show the world how you did it, you are more than welcome to submit your project for showcasing on Android Experiments. Though Google says it won’t be able to showcase all the projects it receives, folks at Google would love to see what you’ve managed.

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