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Microsoft Pushes Fresh Windows 10 Mobile Build To ‘Fast Ring’ Users

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A fresh new Windows 10 For Mobile Preview build is here. Microsoft has just dropped fresh Windows 10 Mobile code to its ‘fast ring’ developers, pretty much in sync with its ‘One Windows For All’ strategy across varied platforms.

There’s nothing drastically new in this fresh code though. There are some usual big fixes from the previous build, with general improvements in lock screen, the overall tiled layout and language inputs.

In this new build, you will now be able to set the Lock screen and background image from within the Photos app. Previous build also had an issue where apps installed on SD cards weren’t working after a reboot. That has been fixed. Also, this new build features improved Latvian and Chinese inputs, along with more reliable Data Sense stats.

So why drop a new build when you really don’t have anything major to offer ? Well, the reasoning (for me) is pretty much plain and simple.

You see, MS did receive favourable (and in some cases, way too good) response to its Windows 10 OS. However, things haven’t really gone down well for the mobile sibling. By launching a fresh build just two weeks after the Windows 10 launch, Microsoft want to re-iterate the fact, that it is still pretty much focused on bringing a unified OS experience across all of its devices, doesn’t matter the hurdles it faces.

So the next steps ? Well, its the usual drill. The build is currently available only to fast ring developers, and will eventually be pushed to slow ring subscribers. Expect the code to be patchy, as has been detailed by Microsoft in the usual manner here.

Let us know in the comments, if you have installed the build, as to whether it is really a major improvement or more of a hype-building stuff.



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