In a bid to integrate hyperlocal delivery on a robust tech platform, Bangalore-based Opinio has today announced a fresh $1.3 Million Round From Accel partners, to scale up its services and fuel expansion. The round comes after an initial seed round by Tracxn Labs in April this year.

Talking about how Opinio enables rapid hyperlocal delivery leveraging its tech back-end, CTO Lokesh Jangid says,

This is a very hard and complex problem which makes it a worthy problem to solve. We are building a highly scalable technology platform and deeply integrated products for both merchants and enterprises to ensure high reliability of service.

Opinio claims to be doing deliveries in an average time of 20 minutes, through its multi-drop system that also stores customers’ exact geo-location (coordinates), allowing for such rapid deliveries. Such rapid deliveries, if achieved on a much larger scale, could give Opinio a clear advantage over other similar startups working to solve India’s clogged-up logistics segment.

The startup, which launched just six weeks ago, is already delivering orders to the tune of 1000 per day for about 100 restaurants and grocers across Bangalore.

Logistics, powered by the surge in e-commerce business in India, has become a lucrative market segment for startups and investors alike. Recently funded startups in this space include RoadRunnr, backed by Sequoia and Nexus VP and Locus, backed by fresh angel round from numerous investors.

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