Lenovo-owned Motorola today took the curtains off, from the long rumoured next-generation smartphones in its insanely popular Moto X series. The two new Moto X devices, termed Moto X Style and Play, pretty much resemble their predecessor on the design front, with more curves for better grip. Play is a more affordable version of the Moto X, trimmed down in features.

Before we go any further though, let me remind you that Motorola already unveiled the third generation of its Moto G smartphone a tad earlier than the UK, US launch, here in India. And the smartphone, priced at 11,299 isn’t something incredibly different from its predecessor.

Coming to Moto X, Motorola says that it has designed the new generation phones keeping “You” in mind. And looking at its designs, both Moto X Style and Play stand apart from other Android phones in the market.

Let’s take them one by one.

Moto X Style 

The screen is vibrant, and has a bigger body-to-screen ratio as compared to the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge. You can see the comparison in the photograph below :

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.41.14 pm

Motorola has laid great focus on Moto X Style’s charging abilities. In a demo shown during its live event, Moto X’s turbo charging capability charged the new Moto X Style 34% with 15 minutes of charging, as compared to the Galaxy S6’s fast charging tech, which charged the phone upto 26% in the same time.

As for Camera, the Moto X Style features a 21 MP rear camera with image stabilisation capabilities. The screen is a vibrant 5.7 inch wide-body display, squeezing in more of display area as compared to other flagships out in the market.

Moto X Play

While pretty much similar to the Style version, major differentiator between the two models is the screen size. While Style features a wide body 5.7″ display, the Moto X Play features a less vibrant 5.5 inch Full HD display.

However, the Moto X Play is powered by a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 610 chipset, which could be the biggest downside to this affordable Moto X version. But then, Motorola is targeting those camera and battery intensive users with the Play version, offering top notch camera and battery specs at an affordable price. Thus, this strategy might work.

Another downer on the performance front, is a 2 GB RAM, which is pretty much low as compared to today’s standards.


Both phones (along with the newly announced 3rd-Gen Moto G) are 4G LTE enabled. All new Moto X phones can be customised with Moto maker.

Moto X Style would be available from September, while the Play will be available in 55 countries starting August. As for Moto G, the phone is available starting today in 60 countries across the globe, making this the biggest Motorola launch.

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