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YouTube has always been a great place to reach the masses. No one will know better about this than the YouTube star (sensation?) Felix Kjellberg. Wait who ? I’m talking about, none other than “PewDiePie”. And guess what, it’s a great place to earn a fortune too.

According to official financial documents, PewDiePie earned almost a staggeringly whopping $7.5 million just on advertising last year.

PewDiePie has over 9 billion YouTube views and holds Expressen, a Swedish newspaper. He has been on the online video sharing service for the last 5 years and has today shared a video in which he describes his 5 year career as a YouTube star.

A gamer as he is, he records his playthroughs of different games whilst providing his own opinions, often coupled with over-the-top reactions. Other activities include short comedy sketches, which are great if I say so myself. He also occasionally partners up with other YouTubers to make a variety of fun videos.

The YouTube star has over 37 million subscribers and generates an average of over $4 million in ad sales per year. Each of his episodes easily gets over 5 million views.

Kiellberg’s success is not that big of a surprise as teenagers and pre-teens are often attracted to the type of stuff he posts on his channel. To be entirely honest, I myself have watched many of his game walkthroughs and admit that he is great, not only at the whole gaming thing, he actually makes the walkthroughs quite humorous and more appealing with his witty comments and opinions.

Regarding his success, Kiellberg says that his popularity is somewhat unsettling and that he would much rather prefer having 5 million subscribers than the 37 million he currently holds. He thinks that the spotlight makes people wonder what’s so great about him and why he is so big. This thought in others is something he just doesn’t like.


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