Google’s Android App Might Get ‘Did You Mean’ Suggestions

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Anyone using Google will testify that the ‘Did You Mean’ is a handy little tool to have around. The tool, based on statistical machine learning, offers suggestions based on an intelligent algorithm that detects possible typos, and you won’t be forgiven if you aren’t intrigued by the scale and performance of the algorithm.

But importantly, all of you would have used this feature only while searching on your PC web, and not on the mobile. Google is probably looking to change that. Similar to how it works on Google’s web version, the feature has been observed by a bunch of users in the drop-down interface of Google’s native android, before hitting the ‘Enter’ key.

However, the search giant seems to be applying this feature to its Android app in a rather unique manner. “Did you Mean” results on the Android app show up before pressing the ‘enter’ key itself, unlike in the case of PC Web where the suggestions are provided after the search is complete.

Google has been aggressively recreating its search (it’s core business) functions to maintain market leadership (even though it has a gargantuan 71% share already and its next closes competitor Bing, lingers at roughly 10%). In a bid to sound more socially relevant, Google’s search results now throw up links to your favorite brands’ social media profiles and even display real-time tweets.

Little changes like these may seem unimportant, but it is these little tools that improve the overall search experience. As of now, no official statement/confirmation has been received from Google’s side, but this feature, if rolled out across the rest of the platform, would surely prove to be an indispensable part of our lives, as is the case with most technological innovations these days.

I haven’t got the feature yet, but if you have, please share your experience with us in the comments section below! Meanwhile, we have mailed Google for more info on this, and will update this story once we get a response.


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  • I’ve had that stupid “did you mean” on my android phone for 2 yrs. I hate it & wish I could get rid of it. Most people mean what they asked.