If you’re a mobile developer, you are already pretty much frustrated due to the lack of a comprehensive, mobile-only analytics suite to analyse user behaviour. However, Bangalore and CA based Retention.AI (earlier BetaGlide) is looking to provide a solution, in the form of a mobile-only analytics suite, seamlessly integrable with your app. And to go ahead on that, Retention.AI raised a $500K round from several investors.

The current round for Retention.AI, worth 3.2 crore, saw participation from Flipkart’s CPO Punit Soni (the ex-Googler Flipkart recently got onboard), US-based Mercury Fund and a few other angel investors.

Retention.AI’s mobile-only analytics suite isn’t some web analytics software stashed on to a mobile view (like those numerous Google Analytics apps out there), it is in fact a suite, available specifically for mobile developers and unavailable for the web, designed keeping in mind everything that a mobile dev might need for a comprehensive user analysis.


Retention.AI’s tracking is comprehensive. While you can track your app’s usual vitals like app-uninstalls, crashes, bug reviews etc., the analytics suite also gives you certain advanced, all-inclusive features like measuring marketing efficiency, audience segmentation, retargeting users and user behaviour tracking based on other similar app installs.

To measure how effectively you have marketed your app and its reach among users, Retention.AI provides an elaborate dashboard, where in you can measure each campaign and channel efficiency, thus helping you reduce your user acquisition cost. Retention.AI offers robust audience segmentation, which helps you differentiate and segment your audience in numerous ways. In fact, audience segmentation is available for both currently active devices, and uninstalled devices.

Retention.AI also provides a comprehensive competitor comparison, for you to see how much you are ahead or behind your biggest/smallest competitor. The competitor breakdown gives you measuring factors like downloads/carrier network, screen aspect, demographics, screen size, screen density etc.


An interesting feature, available with Retention.AI is user personas. While you can obviously track which all devices are using your app, Retention.AI lets you go further deep into the user’s device by letting you get a hint of other apps installed on a user’s device. This way, you can define different user personas for different category of users to better understand a user’s taste and market your app accordingly.

With this fresh infusion of capital, Retention.AI is looking to fuel expansion in the U.S. and Japan.


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