Earlier today, Apple came out with the iOS 9 beta 2 (build 13A4280e) for the developers that brings fixes for issues such as AirPlay connectivity problems with Apple TV, iCloud backup restores being really slow and more.


However, as reported by folks at Macrumors, Apple has added an additional feature that lets Apple device owners to automatically delete and then reinstall certain apps after the OS update is completed, on devices with insufficient space for downloading the update file.

The update will come as a godsend for iPhone users with limited memory space(16 GB version), especially since iOS 8 involved installation size of nearly 4 GB. Additionally, as announced at the WWDC 2015, iOS 9 update will take just a sweet 1.3 GB of your device memory.

iOS 9 will arrive for all users later this year, and bring with it a number of experience enhancements and performance optimizations. These will include a more intelligent Siri, more powerful search, an improved Notes app, transit maps, smaller download sizes, and more. The iOS 9 public beta too is slated for a July release.

It’s good that Apple is making attempts to provide it’s users a hassle free experience instead of just wishing that they upgrade their iPhone or iPad. Also, adoption rate too could be given a boost thanks to this nifty-little feature. The iOS 8 adoption rate had touched 80%, whereas 89% users had upgraded to iOS 7 as per numbers from WWDC 2015 and 2014 respectively.


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