Docker announced today that its commercial support for businesses will be available generally to any enterprise who wants to use its container management software. Subscribers to this service will get 24/7 support for their Docker deployments as well as a license for up to 10 certified Docker Engines and Docker’s management tools. Other benefits include additional service tiers too.

The service will be available through Docker and as a bonus, you can subscribe to it through Amazon Web Services, IBM or even Microsoft. The price of this service in itself is quite modest too, just $150 per month.

This new service also lets businesses keep their existing authentication systems to set up role-based access policies for the service and keep audit logs as the on-premise registry offers LDAP and Active Directory integration. The service is based off Docker Trusted Registry which was built over the foundation of Docker Hub Registry i.e. Docker’s service for storing images. Also, businesses subscribing to Docker’s commercial support can now use it on-premise and behind their firewalls to store and share Docker images.

Since its launch at DockerCon SF last June, Docker Hub has attracted hundreds of thousands of users and tens of thousands of organizations, all of whom have given us valuable feedback on the nature of the commercial solutions they need from us to support deployment of business-critical distributed applications,

said Ben Golub, Docker’s CEO.

We have used this feedback, as well as feedback from our Docker Trusted Registry beta program, to define our commercial solutions for production environments.

Seeing how Docker was in beta since February and is now in use at over 800 companies, it might just have gotten a good start. Also bearing in mind that key players like IBM, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are going to act as resellers and the slightly too modest subscription fee, Docker’s latest offering might well attract a large number of enterprise cutomers


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