Silicon Valley accelerator YCombinator, which unarguably, is one of the biggest and most famed churner of startups currently, has submitted a regulatory filing with the SEC for a subsidiary Y Combinator Continuity Fund LLP, reports Business Insider.

Other details remain confidential and the company has not disclosed the amount it has raised for the venture capital fund. Based on it’s previous outfits, we know that YCombinator pours in seed money into start-ups, working out to around $120,000 for a 7 percent stake in the firm.

However, this is the first time the company has done such a kind of a filing, known as the Sec Form D.

There’s a lot of healthy speculation already taking place. The company itself has declined to comment but one thing is clear: entrepreneurs can know that they’re looking to invest more. A name like “Continuity” suggests that the fund will provide money for Y Combinator startups in later stages.

Business Insider had earlier in March, reported that Y Combintor is looking to raise the tune of Billions, for a possible VC fund.

While YCombinator is obviously pretty popular in the U.S., it is also a prominent investor in the growing Indian start-up scene. It has invested in InterviewStreet, TapToLearn, Plivo and most recently, RazorPay. While it may not be pro-active in India’s startup investment scene, we can still expect a few more Y-Comb-backed investments in India, with this new VC fund its creating.

The accelerator programme, founded in 2005, has incubated more than 800 startups across its biannual batches across summer and winter. was the first Indian start-up to make it to this list. The YC network is powerful both in the Bay Area as well as India.


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