We never fell short of a right case for our smartphone, be it for protecting it from a possible damage, or just for stacking an extra layer of visual element over it. Formartti, a luxory iPhone case manufacturer has taken this art to an another level, with cases which comes at a cost more than that of the phone they are meant to protect.

With a new line of gold-plated, jewel en-crested iPhone cases, Formartti will lighten your pocket by an easy 70,000 new Taiwan dollars, that’s around $2,270, £1,275 or AU$2,930 for the basic model.

Made of either aluminum or stainless steel by using a CNC to cut out the pattern, these cases are plated in 24-karat gold and studded with precious gemstones, and are shiny enough to flaunt wherever you go.  The jewels could be custom selected or the standard Swarovski crystals.

The cases open using a latch at the top which is cleverly hidden as it blends with the design perfectly. Sliding in the phone would be quite simple after getting the top latch out of the way. These cases are specially designed for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and would definitely make you the center of attraction.

The most expensive case in Formartti’s lineup will cost an eye-popping 300,000 New Taiwan dollars, which converts to $9,700, £6,300 or AU$12,500. That simply means that you will have to spend a hell lot of fortune to grab one of these astonishing pieces.

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