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Google Plus Links Have Started Disappearing From Google Products

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“Google Plus is not dead,” Bradley Horowitz, who now leads the derailing social network, told Steven Levy last week ahead of the Google I/O developer conference. And even though he stressed so much on that, Google plus links from prominent Google products are now gone.


Starting today, Google has announced that it is bringing about a change in the navigation bar of many of its web properties, which includes Google’s search and Gmail, to make the user interface more minimalistic and less cluttered.

And what’s that change ? Well, Google has removed all Google Plus links from the top bar of all of its products and has put it under the ‘nine-dots’ side-menu which you see in Gmail or Search. This means, that you would no longer see something like a ‘+Deepanshu’ anywhere on Google’s products. Along with that, links to your respective Google Plus profiles are also gone.

Instead, the social networking now finds itself placed alongside YouTube and other Google products which are placed in that side menu.

But this isn’t something very surprising. If you are not a regular Google Plus users, you will hardly notice any difference in day-to-day web experience. However, if you are somehow an ‘active’ Google Plus user, you probably will have to put in one extra click to go to your profile.


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