After almost an year since the announcement of Homekit,  Insteon, Lutron, iHome, Elgato and Ecobee have today launched the first Homekit compatible devices, enabling users to connect these devices with their iPhones for using Apple’s home automation framework.


Insteon, which is a popular smart home devices manufacturer, has today launched the Insteon Hub with Homekit support. A new HomeKit-enabled version of the Insteon+ control app is also on the way. The Insteon hub, probably the most comprehensive and versatile of all Homekit products launched today, enables users to control of all of Insteon devices via a single hub.

These devices include alarms, smart bulbs and other products that work across WiFi and RF standards. Insteon Hub is available for $149 while pricing of other products supporting the current Homekit-enabled Insteon Hub are yet to be released.


Lutron on the other hand launched an updated version of its Caseta wireless lighting systems with HomeKit support. New users can purchase the device from Apple Stores for $230, while existing Caseta owners can upgrade their current wireless lighting system for $119.

Through Lutron’s lighting kits, users can switch on lights for specific rooms with the help of voice commands on their iOS devices. The Caseta wireless kit also offers Geofencing, which will switch on lights of specific rooms only when you’ve entered it.

If you are looking to check temperature, humidity, air quality and other environmental aspects of your house, then Elgato’s Eve series of environmental sensors have got your back. Starting at $79.99 at Apple Stores, these sensors let users collect data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and energy consumption in their home.

Other Homekit devices to be launched along the ones we describe above, include a SmartPlug by iHome, which will let you control devices via Homekit. Similarly, General Electric is also coming up with a line of smart-bulbs, controlled by homekit.

Ecobee on the other hand released a smart thermostat, letting you control the temperature from your air vents via Homekit.

While most of these devices are either about controlling your home’s electircal appliances or keeping an environmental check, this still is a good start. We might see a few more announcements in the build up to Apple’s developer conference WWDC, scheduled to kick off next week.



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